The glamorous side of being a Leader

Being a leader in Girlguiding isn’t all trips and holidays, despite what my blog has said over the past few weeks. I’ve been using the Easter holidays to catch up on a few things. Like accounts, and tidying the cupboard. I love our cupboard space. Compared to what some units have, it’s positively enormous. On the other hand, that does lead to us becoming slightly … Continue reading The glamorous side of being a Leader

The Future of Guiding

I’ve spent much of today updating our Brownie Scrapbook. We’ve been keeping a scrapbook for a couple of years now.  Each girl signs and dates it when she makes her Promise, and we’ve been recording our favourite activities – in pictures, words, and the occasional spare badge.  The girls enjoy looking back at everything they’ve done during their time at Brownies. We’re at the end … Continue reading The Future of Guiding