Taking time off

What do I do when I’m not Guiding? Continue reading Taking time off


Year of the Volunteer Challenge Update

This week, I’ve made some progress towards the year of the volunteer challenge. Specifically, I’ve had a go at Yoga, one of the Active “try it” challenges. One of the yoga centres in Bristol has recently changed management and they were having a week of free trial sessions.  As I was intending to try it anyway, I naturally jumped on that opportunity! The lesson was … Continue reading Year of the Volunteer Challenge Update

The Division Exec – it’s not all hard work!

Guiding… it’s all about the girls. Sometimes, the girls are older than others. Long-time readers may remember that I’m the Division treasurer for my area.  Among other things, this means I go to meetings with the rest of the Division team once or twice a term to discuss all the many things that are going on in the area. In January, we had a Division … Continue reading The Division Exec – it’s not all hard work!

Accounting for Guiders

Everyone knows that accounts are necessary.  And (almost) everyone hates them.  But fear not!  It doesn’t have to be as stressful as you think.  Here are my five top tips for stress-free accounting. 1) Keep EVERYTHING. Literally.  Keep your receipts, keep your cheque books, keep that note you wrote to yourself last week about the £2 that Little Suzie paid for a new promise badge … Continue reading Accounting for Guiders

2014 Goals and Resolutions

I don’t normally do resolutions at New Year, partly because I don’t like conforming but mostly because I find a year is too long term for me.  I like monthly goals, they’re far easier to keep track of. This year I’m going to have some. They say that if you tell people about your resolutions then you are more likely to keep them.  I guess … Continue reading 2014 Goals and Resolutions