Year of the Volunteer Challenge Update

This week, I’ve made some progress towards the year of the volunteer challenge. Specifically, I’ve had a go at Yoga, one of the Active “try it” challenges. One of the yoga centres in Bristol has recently changed management and they were having a week of free trial sessions.  As I was intending to try it anyway, I naturally jumped on that opportunity! The lesson was … Continue reading Year of the Volunteer Challenge Update

A Fair Trade Tea Party

One of the challenges my Brownies chose for the Big Brownie Birthday Challenge Badge was to hold a Fair Trade Tea Party. We had several objectives: raise awareness of Fair Trade raise some money for the Fair Trade Foundation have fun! The girls decorated coasters to sell, and I spent some time finding a picture of every girl doing something interesting so I could make … Continue reading A Fair Trade Tea Party

The Brownie Code of Conduct

As part of the Big Brownie Birthday Challenge Badge, our girls have been writing Codes of Conduct in their Sixes. Some of them are more entertaining than others. Before we began, we discussed what a Code of Conduct is, and what sort of things they might like to put in one.  I gave a couple of suggestions to get them started (like don’t put “jump … Continue reading The Brownie Code of Conduct

A few random activities

Over the past few weeks we’ve done a variety of things at Brownies.  Here are a few highlights: Bunting is so last season, dahling. Paper chains are where it’s at! We made a special secret surprise for Seahorse, who has had a few weeks off for a honeymoon. For obvious reasons I’m not showing a picture of the finished product until after she’s back… We’ve … Continue reading A few random activities