A bit of a catch up

It’s been a little while since I posted, and I’ve done a lot.  We had a photo presentation evening to show the Guides and parents what we got up to in Switzerland. Not many parents came, but I think the Guides appreciated it.  Our Brownie plan for one week was rained off, so I thought quickly and decided to teach the girls some self defence. … Continue reading A bit of a catch up

Getting into the swing of things

It’s the low point of the Guiding year, for me.  Summer camp is over, and the autumn term has yet to begin.  What to do? … planning meetings, of course. For all we love girl-led Guiding, we know that realistically the Guides cannot plan the entire term for themselves.  So one evening this last week, three leaders sat around a table in a cafe, ate … Continue reading Getting into the swing of things