More First Aid

Our Brownies this week learnt how to bandage wounds.  Some took it more seriously than others! My Guides were a delight this week, they showed some excellent teamwork (I should hope so, since they’re working on the Teamwork GFI), and did some good prep for next week’s activity. And on Saturday, I had a lovely day manning a first aid post for the Bristol Monopoly … Continue reading More First Aid

Sssssaint Patrick’s Day

This week at Brownies we celebrated St Patrick’s Day.  St Patrick, of course, rescued Ireland from an infestation of snakes. (Well, not really, but that’s the legend.  Unfortunately there’s no evidence that there were actually ever any snakes in Ireland to need banishing, but why let a little thing like evidence get in the way of a good story?) So, we made some snakes: And … Continue reading Sssssaint Patrick’s Day