Resources to Download

All of the downloads on this page are either my own work (in which case you can do what you like with them) or clearly attributed to someone else (in which case the conditions are specified).


The Brownie Adventure Book

With the redesign of the Adventure Book, here’s a little quiz to get to know the book.

Brownie Adventures Book Quiz

Mythology & The Sixes

Gnomes and Imps – The Mythology of Brownies

A collection of short pieces about the origins of the Brownie Six names.

This was originally written as part of a fundraising effort for a Guiding trip.  That need has long passed, and so I make it available to you to do what you want with.

Brownie Six Matching Pairs

A game to play.  Each of the Brownie Sixes appears four times – the current badge image, the old badge image, the rhyme, and an interesting fact.

You can use any or all of these in combination to create a game of matching pairs.

Heritage and History

Brownie Badges Matching Pairs

Another game to play.  There are lots of Brownie Interest Badges, and the design of them has changed a lot since Brownies began.  Play this game to see if your Brownies can figure out which ones match.

Leadership Activities

A selection of Leadership Role Plays.

Brownie Songs

The Brownie Song Book

So much to say, it’s got its very own page.

Guides – GFI Planning Sheet

A little sheet to help the Guides think about their plans for completing a Go For It! badge.

Go For It Planning Sheet



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