Brownie Holiday at Easter

The three Brownie units in my area often go on holiday together, and this Easter was no exception. We had an indoor holiday - on an Easter theme, of course.  Mostly we were working on the Spring "Rik Bear" challenge.  Aren't they cute? The 24 Brownies we took all had a wonderful time, and considering... Continue Reading →


Look at this.  Not even four weeks in to the Year of the Volunteer challenge, and already I'm behind on blogging.  In my defence, it's because I've been very busy with Guiding things! At the start of April, my Guides and I went on a trip with some of our friends. A lot of our... Continue Reading →

A Pampering Fundraiser

As I may have mentioned, we're fundraising at the moment for a trip to Switzerland. We've done all sorts over the past year - a Cheese and Wine evening, a Pop-Up Restaurant, a Christmas Bazaar, and numerous cake sales and things running on the sides of other events. Last Wednesday was the latest in our... Continue Reading →

Year of the Volunteer

Girlguiding Bristol and South Gloucestershire have brought out a new challenge badge - and this one is for the leaders! It's the "Year of the Volunteer" badge, and I've decided to take up the challenge. There are three ways to complete the badge - try it, challenge yourself, or best of both.  I'm going for... Continue Reading →

More Japan

I've been back a few weeks, I should probably mention the second half of the trip! Last time I put up some photos with no explanation. Kudos to BrownieGuideLeader for correctly identifying the temples.  After that, we went to Ise, to the grand shrine there, which is in a forest which has trees which are... Continue Reading →


A couple of photos to reassure you that I'm still alive.  Bonus points to anyone who can name the places!                     


I've gone on holiday.  Yes, in term time. I'm missing Brownies for it.  I'm fortunate enough to have friends who will step in and be there if I ask nicely. My YL and new assistant leader (I have a new assistant!) are running things, but I've lined up some extra help for crowd control.  It's... Continue Reading →

A Puzzle in a Wood

Or, more accurately, a Puzzlewood.  Yesterday I went with my husband and mother-in-law to Puzzlewood in the Forest of Dean.  Dave described it as "looks like the complex nobbly bits from Merlin, probably because it is the complex nobbly bits from Merlin."    It would make a fun day out for Brownies and Guides too. ... Continue Reading →

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