Who you gonna call?

In the Brownie Adventure book, there is an activity about who can help you with things. The activity as written is less exciting than it could be, so we adapted it slightly to make it more entertaining. The basic premise is, for each problem listed, decide who to call for help – should it be 999? We added some overly dramatic acting, including what the … Continue reading Who you gonna call?

Back Woods Skills

One more post about YOYO, and then I might start talking about this term… One of the sessions I attended at the YOYO weekend was Back Woods Skills.  Not Backwards Skills, as some people (I think deliberately) mis-heard it. It was amazing. The leader was very enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. The enthusiasm was contagious. I didn’t speak to a single person who didn’t enjoy that session. … Continue reading Back Woods Skills

Girlguiding consent forms: 3 myths busted!

If you are a Leader with Girlguiding, the chances are that you have heard at least one of these complaints, probably all of them.  Consent forms, while necessary, are often regarded as a pain in the mik’ta *. A lot of people have trouble opening them.  It’s not just the technically incompetent, either.  Some people can open them on one computer but not another.  The complaints range … Continue reading Girlguiding consent forms: 3 myths busted!

New to Guiding: What is County Day?

Last Saturday was Bristol and South Gloucestershire’s County Day. Most Counties have one of these, some larger than others, but if you’ve been involved in Guiding for a while you might have been invited to go to one. The first time I went, I was a little nervous.  I didn’t know what to expect from it, and I was worried that everyone there would know … Continue reading New to Guiding: What is County Day?