What does the Promise mean to you?

That was the question which I asked five older Brownies to answer for me last week.  And then I asked them to plan some activities which would help the younger girls understand the Promise better. They spent a week planning – once we’d discussed basic principles of how to plan activities, they told me to go away.  So I did. I went and took pictures … Continue reading What does the Promise mean to you?

Monday Musing: Respect vs Taste

My series looking at the Guide Law draws to a close today with the final Law: A Guide respects all living things and takes care of the world around her. Some important questions arise: What is respect? Can you respect a cow and still eat it? How much of the world counts as “around her”? Do Guides have to be eco-warriors? Does “the world around” … Continue reading Monday Musing: Respect vs Taste

Monday Musing: A story about being considerate

A Guide is polite and considerate. A Brownie Guide thinks of others before herself. Once upon a time, a man forgot to kiss his wife goodbye in the morning. This caused the wife to be grumpy.  She went shopping, and was rude to the cashier. The cashier didn’t like this, and when another customer wanted help finding the exact right cardigan she didn’t have quite … Continue reading Monday Musing: A story about being considerate

Monday Musing: Friends vs. Sisters

The fourth Guide Law is: A Guide is a good friend and a sister to all Guides. As with some of the other laws, this one has evolved slightly over the years.  The original version was much less politically correct: … no matter to what social class the other belongs. Appropriate in the context of 1910 society, but these days I suspect it wouldn’t go down so … Continue reading Monday Musing: Friends vs. Sisters

Monday Musing: Facing Challenges

This week’s Guide Law, number three, is: A Guide faces challenges and learns from her experiences. I love this one, although I think the older version has some fine qualities which are lacking in the current wording. Facing challenges A Guide faces challenges.  This, for me, is one of the key points of the entire Guiding movement.  A safe environment to face challenges and overcome fears. … Continue reading Monday Musing: Facing Challenges