Mythology: Bwbachod

Bwbachod (the singular is Bwbach) are Welsh household spirits, and are a lot like Brownies.  Other names for bwbachod are booakers and cottagers.  If you are kind to a Bwbach, it will help around the house and farm.  Tidy Welsh girls who sweep the kitchen, make a good fire, and leave out cream are especially well looked on by Bwbachod.  If you leave a churn … Continue reading Mythology: Bwbachod

Mythology: Kelpies

Kelpies are perhaps the creature least suited to having a Brownie Six named after it.  A Kelpie is a Scottish water devil who lurks in lakes and rivers.  It can change shape, becoming a horse or a man.  Both of the Kelpie’s forms are beautiful beyond belief, but the Kelpie’s character is anything but beautiful. In it’s horse-shape, it is friendly towards strangers, and has … Continue reading Mythology: Kelpies

Mythology: Sprites

Sprites are sandy coloured creatures, about knee height,  with green eyes, but they are very shy so nobody has seen them up close.  They can shape shift, most commonly into birds.  They are common in East Anglia, and also Spain and Mexico.  It is not considered lucky to talk about them. There was an Essex man named Hyter John, who made his living by delivering … Continue reading Mythology: Sprites

Mythology: Elves

The elf seems to have been the original name for a fairy.  They were at first elemental spirits, and were divided into field-elves, wood-elves, mountain-elves and sea-elves.  They are very small and can change their shape at will.  They are also usually beautiful, unlike many of the other creatures described here.  For this reason they are known as the Fair Folk. Elves are known as … Continue reading Mythology: Elves