Who you gonna call?

In the Brownie Adventure book, there is an activity about who can help you with things. The activity as written is less exciting than it could be, so we adapted it slightly to make it more entertaining. The basic premise is, for each problem listed, decide who to call for help – should it be 999? We added some overly dramatic acting, including what the … Continue reading Who you gonna call?

Special Design

Yesterday at Brownies we tried out “Special Design”, the activity on page 49 of the Brownie Adventure.     Essentially, the activity involves sticking string to a piece of card and using it as a stamp to create a repeating pattern.  You’re supposed to use it as wrapping paper to give a gift, which is why it’s in the “Community” section. We found that unless you … Continue reading Special Design

Adventure On Bingo

As you probably already know, the Brownie Adventure book and badges have been redesigned recently. We have, however, a few older girls who wanted to finish the old version so that their badges made a set. So yesterday we played Adventure On bingo. I put together a number of similar but slightly different bingo cards. Each had 16 statements on, four each from themes of … Continue reading Adventure On Bingo

The Future’s Bright…

… the future looks surprisingly like a sparkly yellow football covered in pictures. Today the Brownies Go For It! girls started making a crystal ball so that they can see into the future. This activity is in the very back of the Adventure Book, and it went down very well (and so it should, since they chose to do it!). Basically, the girls had to … Continue reading The Future’s Bright…