Lenten Mind

I don’t normally give things up for Lent.  I’ve never seen the point.  Occasionally I’ll tell people that I’ve given up giving things up.  I’ve never really understood why denying yourself a pleasure for 40 days is a good thing.  What is it meant to achieve? This year, I’ve decided to give it a go.  But I’m not giving up chocolate, or coffee, or anything … Continue reading Lenten Mind

A bit of a catch up

It’s been a little while since I posted, and I’ve done a lot.  We had a photo presentation evening to show the Guides and parents what we got up to in Switzerland. Not many parents came, but I think the Guides appreciated it.  Our Brownie plan for one week was rained off, so I thought quickly and decided to teach the girls some self defence. … Continue reading A bit of a catch up


I’ve gone on holiday.  Yes, in term time. I’m missing Brownies for it.  I’m fortunate enough to have friends who will step in and be there if I ask nicely. My YL and new assistant leader (I have a new assistant!) are running things, but I’ve lined up some extra help for crowd control.  It’s important that leaders feel they can take a holiday if … Continue reading Holidays

A Puzzle in a Wood

Or, more accurately, a Puzzlewood.  Yesterday I went with my husband and mother-in-law to Puzzlewood in the Forest of Dean.  Dave described it as “looks like the complex nobbly bits from Merlin, probably because it is the complex nobbly bits from Merlin.”    It would make a fun day out for Brownies and Guides too.  Brownies would enjoy hunting for the magic door, dinosaur footprints, … Continue reading A Puzzle in a Wood