I've gone on holiday.  Yes, in term time. I'm missing Brownies for it.  I'm fortunate enough to have friends who will step in and be there if I ask nicely. My YL and new assistant leader (I have a new assistant!) are running things, but I've lined up some extra help for crowd control.  It's... Continue Reading →

A Puzzle in a Wood

Or, more accurately, a Puzzlewood.  Yesterday I went with my husband and mother-in-law to Puzzlewood in the Forest of Dean.  Dave described it as "looks like the complex nobbly bits from Merlin, probably because it is the complex nobbly bits from Merlin."    It would make a fun day out for Brownies and Guides too. ... Continue Reading →

Welcome to 2015

Yes, I am aware that it's almost July. It's six months into 2015, and I haven't yet finished up 2014. I debated not mentioning that, just starting to talk about what we've been doing recently and glossing over the fact that I promised to give you all an update at the end of each month... Continue Reading →

November Goal Update

Work… nothing happening.  It’s less than two weeks until results day now! Family… life goes on as normal.  I had a week off work in November (just because), which was nice.  We didn’t really do anything, just spent some time being in the same house.  I have to admit I spent a lot of it... Continue Reading →

October Goal Report

The end of the month has come and gone once again, and it’s time to update you all on my progress on 2014 goals. I feel slightly like that’s all I do at the moment, for which I apologise.  I keep saying that I’m going to blog more, and it’s the one part of my... Continue Reading →

September Goal Report

It occurs to me that I never quite got around to doing my end of September Goal Update post. Now that the bad puns are out of the way, how did September go? Work – I took my exam at the end of September.  So most of September was taken up with frantic studying.  It... Continue Reading →

August Goal Report

Well, firstly... I'm not dead.  I mention this only because it seems to be normal for people who haven't blogged recently to announce it.  You know, just in case you thought that these words were being written by a ghost. It being the holidays, I found that I didn't really have much to say.  And... Continue Reading →

July Goal Update

Work: As we know, I have one exam remaining to qualify.  I've spent the last three weeks reading through the course notes to remind myself of the overview, and I'm starting to focus on the bits that seem less familiar. I've also been to an "Exam Counselling" session, which was pretty useful.  They went through... Continue Reading →

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