Look at this.  Not even four weeks in to the Year of the Volunteer challenge, and already I'm behind on blogging.  In my defence, it's because I've been very busy with Guiding things! At the start of April, my Guides and I went on a trip with some of our friends. A lot of our... Continue Reading →

Snowball fights and unit charters

Our first Brownie meeting of term was quite fun. We did a little planning – the girls gave us some suggestions for activities, and they want to do the Toymaker badge this term. That should be interesting. One of their suggestions was a snowball fight, so we did that right then and there. The Brownies... Continue Reading →

Summer Term at Guides

The Guides, as we always do, started the term with four weeks of running Go For It! badges in their patrols. One group did Life Wise, which had them cooking a meal - they had spag bol, and they were kind enough to let the leaders try some too. They also went to the park... Continue Reading →

Spring Term at Guides

Third and final "spring term" post - for the Guides this time. We started the spring term with Go For It! badge work.  The girls planned out their activities and ran the weeks themselves.  The only help they needed was someone to go with them when they went on a penny hike. Very relaxing! I... Continue Reading →

Bowling with Guides

Our Division has a regular Guide bowling competition.  This year was the first year I've attended one. We've got eight Guide units, and each one brought two or three teams, so you can imagine we pretty much packed the place out! Unfortunately our teams had a problem with the lane computer, so we were a... Continue Reading →

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