PGL Holiday

Over half term, I spent a couple of days with the Guides at PGL.  For those who don’t know it, PGL is a chain of activity centres – climbing, archery, raft building, that sort of thing. This time, we took part in eight activities: giant swing, trapeze, zip wire, survival, crate stacking, fencing, climbing and aeroball. Here’s a random selection of photos for your enjoyment! … Continue reading PGL Holiday

Adventures, Chocolates, and Smoothies

This week’s Brownies saw us divided into Adventure groups for most of the evening. I was with the Adventure group, some of the youngest girls. We picked out some activities to do this term, and then we started doing one – Special Design, from page 49 of the Brownie Adventure book. We didn’t really get very far, but we’ve got a lot of half-finished bits … Continue reading Adventures, Chocolates, and Smoothies

Snowball fights and unit charters

Our first Brownie meeting of term was quite fun. We did a little planning – the girls gave us some suggestions for activities, and they want to do the Toymaker badge this term. That should be interesting. One of their suggestions was a snowball fight, so we did that right then and there. The Brownies love snowball fights. We do it with newspaper and cotton … Continue reading Snowball fights and unit charters