A Fair Trade Tea Party

One of the challenges my Brownies chose for the Big Brownie Birthday Challenge Badge was to hold a Fair Trade Tea Party. We had several objectives: raise awareness of Fair Trade raise some money for the Fair Trade Foundation have fun! The girls decorated coasters to sell, and I spent some time finding a picture... Continue Reading →

A Frightful Fundraiser

I've mentioned previously that my Brownies are working on their Gromit Unleashed challenge badge.  One of the clauses is to raise some money for Wallace and Gromit's Grand Appeal, and last Friday was the big night! Bring-a-friend, fancy dress, Fright Night party and cake sale. The start was a little chaotic, as due to having... Continue Reading →

Gromits and Entrepreneurs

Our first night of the autumn term was full of ideas. As you might be aware, there were, up until last weekend, a number of Gromits scattered around Bristol.  The five foot tall statues were part of a fund raising and awareness raising campaign by Wallace and Gromit's Grand Appeal. This was exciting enough in... Continue Reading →

Let Slip the Dogs of Charity

Gromit has been unleashed upon Bristol. Eighty giant statues of the canine half of Wallace and Gromit have decided to have a grand day out, slipped the leash and wandered onto the streets.  They came by way of a painting workshop where they were all decorated in fun (and sometimes bizarre) ways. The question of... Continue Reading →

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