End of Term Relaxation

At Brownies this week we mostly relaxed. We did some yoga (alas, no photos of that!), and made some face masks out of edible ingredients.  Finally we did some mindful colouring in. We also said goodbye to a couple of Brownies (although not for long, because one of them is going to Guides).  It’s always sad to see them go, but at the same time … Continue reading End of Term Relaxation

Fire and Firing

On Friday, I took my Brownies and Guides to a local Scout campsite for some almost-end-of-term fun. With the Brownies, we lit fires and made s’mores.  The Brownies lit their own little mini fires using flint and steel and cotton wool (and they all managed it, which I was impressed by), but we made the s’mores on mine. We also learned (through the medium of … Continue reading Fire and Firing

Communication and Promises

On Wednesday we worked on our Communicator badge.  The Brownies chose some clauses to do, and so did the leaders. First, we learned the phonetic alphabet, and all tried to spell our names.  Mine is: Sierra November Oscar Whiskey Foxtrot Lima Alpha Kilo Echo. Then, we acted out a scene from a recent Brownie event, making sure to include five different types of body language … Continue reading Communication and Promises

Baden-Powell Cooking Evening

On Friday, two of my Guides ran the evening for me.  They are working on their Baden-Powell Award, the highest award you can get as a Guide. One of the clauses they have chosen to do is “Organise and run a Patrol cooking competition. You could provide ingredients and challenge the Patrols to produce dishes in a set time.” They split the Guides into three … Continue reading Baden-Powell Cooking Evening

Year of the Volunteer Challenge Update

This week, I’ve made some progress towards the year of the volunteer challenge. Specifically, I’ve had a go at Yoga, one of the Active “try it” challenges. One of the yoga centres in Bristol has recently changed management and they were having a week of free trial sessions.  As I was intending to try it anyway, I naturally jumped on that opportunity! The lesson was … Continue reading Year of the Volunteer Challenge Update

The glamorous side of being a Leader

Being a leader in Girlguiding isn’t all trips and holidays, despite what my blog has said over the past few weeks. I’ve been using the Easter holidays to catch up on a few things. Like accounts, and tidying the cupboard. I love our cupboard space. Compared to what some units have, it’s positively enormous. On the other hand, that does lead to us becoming slightly … Continue reading The glamorous side of being a Leader