Year of the Volunteer Challenge Update

This week, I’ve made some progress towards the year of the volunteer challenge. Specifically, I’ve had a go at Yoga, one of the Active “try it” challenges. One of the yoga centres in Bristol has recently changed management and they were having a week of free trial sessions.  As I was intending to try it... Continue Reading →

The glamorous side of being a Leader

Being a leader in Girlguiding isn't all trips and holidays, despite what my blog has said over the past few weeks. I've been using the Easter holidays to catch up on a few things. Like accounts, and tidying the cupboard. I love our cupboard space. Compared to what some units have, it's positively enormous. On... Continue Reading →

Year of the Volunteer

Girlguiding Bristol and South Gloucestershire have brought out a new challenge badge - and this one is for the leaders! It's the "Year of the Volunteer" badge, and I've decided to take up the challenge. There are three ways to complete the badge - try it, challenge yourself, or best of both.  I'm going for... Continue Reading →

Spring Term at Brownies – Part 1

My Brownies had lots of fun in the Spring Term. We’ve been doing a number of activities from the Adventure book, as chosen by the girls themselves. We made gingerbread, which was a whole adventure in itself.  One of my Brownies is horribly allergic to eggs and dairy, and both Brownie and Mum are understandably... Continue Reading →

The Tooth Fairy Comes to Camp

Many a time, a Brownie has come to me on a Brownie Holiday, tooth in hand. The first question they ask, usually, is “will the Tooth Fairy know where to come?”. I don’t know about you, but the Tooth Fairy has variable luck on our holidays. It depends a lot on how well the children... Continue Reading →

What does “finished” mean?

Originally, I was going to start this post with "I'm finished!" or "it's finally done!".  But of course, I'm not, and it's not. The item in question is this: I've been off work this week, having a "stay-cation" with my husband. As well as long walks and meals out, I've been catching up on some... Continue Reading →

Presentations and Picnics

Yesterday evening our Brownies had their last meeting of term.  We borrowed a larger hall than normal, invited the parents, and Lightning and Sunrise put together a presentation of photos. It took them a while. Clearly we've been having too much fun. Unfortunately, due to a lorry which caught on fire on a major arterial... Continue Reading →

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