Brownies Around the World

The Big Brownie Birthday year was a good year to have Bristol’s first ever County Brownie Camp.  Everyone was enthusiastic and lots of people took part. I (fortunately!) was not in charge of organising the camp.  Judging by the stress levels and facebook posts of the people who were, it was a mammoth task – one which they deserve great thanks for. To accommodate all … Continue reading Brownies Around the World

New to Guiding: What is World Thinking Day?

For those who didn’t grow up in the Guiding family, the annual fuss in February can seem a little… odd.  Just what is this “Thinking Day”?  What are we supposed to be thinking about?  And why February? What is World Thinking Day? “World Thinking Day is a day of friendship, advocacy and fundraising for 10 million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world.” reading New to Guiding: What is World Thinking Day?

The Guiding World is a Small World

It was a Guiding-friend’s birthday at the weekend, and a group of us went on an adventure to celebrate. We hopped on a train to London.  The journey seems a lot shorter when you’ve got good company to chat to!  I’m sure we were only on the train for about twenty minutes before we arrived.* At the other end we went for a relaxing bit … Continue reading The Guiding World is a Small World