Brownie Holiday at Easter

The three Brownie units in my area often go on holiday together, and this Easter was no exception. We had an indoor holiday - on an Easter theme, of course.  Mostly we were working on the Spring "Rik Bear" challenge.  Aren't they cute? The 24 Brownies we took all had a wonderful time, and considering... Continue Reading →

More Japan

I've been back a few weeks, I should probably mention the second half of the trip! Last time I put up some photos with no explanation. Kudos to BrownieGuideLeader for correctly identifying the temples.  After that, we went to Ise, to the grand shrine there, which is in a forest which has trees which are... Continue Reading →

Pamper Camp

Last year, on our May camp, we asked the Brownies what theme they would like for this year.  They opted for "Pamper and Relaxation".  I think they were hoping for a longer rest hour and more relaxed pace! What they actually got was crafts themed around pampering, for example making body scrub and face masks.... Continue Reading →

A non-Guiding holiday

Yes, it's true. I do, in fact, have time for a life outside of Guiding. But, to be fair, only because I make time.  On this occasion, I organised for another leader to cover my unit one week and I headed off into the wilds of Europe. I'm making that sound more dramatic than it... Continue Reading →

Guide Holiday Badge Work

Our Brownie holiday was not the end of the fun at February half term. Now that there is a very large overlap between the Brownie leaders and the Guide leaders, we're doing a lot of things almost-together. So, about three hours after the Brownies left, the Guides arrived. Same location, different girls. The fresh, Guide-only... Continue Reading →

Brownie Circus

In February half term, we took the Brownies on holiday. It being around Thinking Day, we did World Guiding badge, but we also did the Circus Performer badge. We made clown faces, and juggling balls, and a lovely man came in to teach us how to do hula-hooping and ribbon dancing. The girls put on... Continue Reading →

An unexpected sleepover 

Back in January, I went out for an evening to our County Campsite. We were holding a trouble-shooting-and-being-nosey evening.  If we make a habit of that we might have to come up with a more catchy title. The County had just opened the new indoor accommodation block, and we wanted to explore. We combined that... Continue Reading →

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