Good Evening Friend Brownie

To start, everyone should be in a circle.  Pairs should face each other around the circle, so half the girls are facing clockwise and half anti-clockwise.

Good evening friend Brownie   Salute and shake left hands
How are you this evening?
Let’s dance in a circle   Link arms and circle each other
And bow and pass on.  Bow to your partner and move around the circle

The song can be sung as many times as necessary to get back to your original partner.  Everyone should have danced with half the Brownies by the end of the process.

If there are an odd number of people, either one of the leaders sits out, or you can make it into a game.  The leftover Brownie starts in the middle of the circle.  When people are passing on, she has to try to steal someone’s partner by being faster than them.  The Brownie whose partner was stolen then goes into the middle for the next round of the song.


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