About Snowflake

The 57th Snowflake falls gently onto the Bristolian landscape, where she can generally be found wearing blue, surrounded by small children wearing yellow.  She has not melted in the summer sun; indeed, she is incredibly long-lived (for a Snowflake), having survived in this environment for over ten years.

Snowflake has been a number of different species in her life; before she was a Snowflake, she was a Little Owl, a Bluetit, and an Imp.  She did also spend a few years as a Human, but she prefers to pretend that never happened.

Snowflake likes adventures.  She spends more of her holiday days on Brownie holidays than she does with her poor, long-suffering Dear Husband.  She can’t quite decide whether the adventures are more fun with children (Pack Holiday, PGL, Camping!) or with adults (Sangam!  Our Cabaña!), but she wouldn’t willingly give up either.

Snowflake is able to count to at least 57, and has therefore been put in charge of numbers.

@57thSnowflake can also be found on twitter.

The views expressed on this blog are those of the author, and not (unless explicitly stated) those of Girlguiding or any other organisation.  The only names in this blog which are real are those of adults who have given their permission to be included.  All other names have been changed.



2 thoughts on “About Snowflake

  1. Thank you so much for your fabulous blog! Other than distant memories of being a Brownie (which I loved) I am new to Guiding and your site is one I’m using a lot and will definitely be coming back to – thanks for sharing it all!

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