Owl Trophy

Our Division runs a competition every so often called the Owl Trophy.  The prize is (if you can’t guess by the name!) a large picture of an owl.  It’s quite impressive.

This year, the competition was to make a car out of recyclable materials.  They had to be able to move – not self-propelling, but running down a slope.

Each unit was allowed to enter one car, so first we had to make them, and then have our own little competition to find out whose car would be entered.

The Brownies all did amazingly well, and it was very hard to choose between them.  And then we had the issue that the winning team didn’t have any members available at the time the main competition would be judged!

But, in the end, it all worked out ok.  We didn’t win, but we definitely didn’t disgrace ourselves.

The one on the left is ours.  On the right, the winner.

I look forward to taking part in next year’s competition, whatever it may be!


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