PGL Holiday

Over half term, I spent a couple of days with the Guides at PGL.  For those who don’t know it, PGL is a chain of activity centres – climbing, archery, raft building, that sort of thing.

This time, we took part in eight activities: giant swing, trapeze, zip wire, survival, crate stacking, fencing, climbing and aeroball.

Here’s a random selection of photos for your enjoyment!

The centre we went to has improved since the last time I was there (which was several years ago).  I remember feeling overwhelmed by the chaos in the dining hall, but this time they had a very efficient system and it ran very smoothly.

Our Groupie was fun too (the Groupie is the PGL person who looks after your group, makes sure you get to meals on time, runs evening activities, and so on).  Ours was lovely, one of the best, most pro-active, interested ones we’ve had.

I definitely recommend PGL to anyone and everyone!


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