Taking time off

I took a week off from my Brownies this week.  Well, sort of, anyway.  It was originally going to be a full week off, but my Wednesday work meeting finished earlier than advertised, so I managed to get to Brownies that evening.

Friday, though, I skipped both Brownies and Guides, leaving others in charge, in favour of going to Yorkshire to be violent.

Regular readers may remember that my other hobby is martial arts – to be precise, Shorinji Kempo.  This weekend was the annual British Shorinji Kempo Federation Summer Camp.  All the clubs in the country got together for a weekend of training and socialising.


On the Saturday night we had a campfire (technically, a fire in a stove in a yurt, not a proper campfire, but all fire is fire), so naturally I took marshmallows and biscuits.  And skewers, which put me one up on all of the other people who had brought marshmallows, but hadn’t thought about burning their fingers…

I was slightly disturbed by how many people didn’t know what a s’more was.


They know now.

And, because we have dealt with so many dietary requirements over the years in Brownies, it was automatic for me to pick up some gluten-free chocolate digestives.  So I got to witness that wonderful surprised/delighted look that people get when they realise they aren’t being excluded from an activity.

Even better, my Brownies and Guides seem to have survived without me, which means that my other leaders are as capable as I knew they were – and perhaps they will start to believe that too.


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