Switzerland Part 3: Up and Down the Mountains

Last week we left off our story after a chocolate show and some Italian Scouts.

The next day dawned bright and early, and we dragged the Guides out of bed to get a start on the day.  We left the chalet before breakfast, taking it with us as we took the bus down into town.

A short walk later we were at the foot of a cable car, which took us up on the mountain to continue our walk.  By the time we got to Oeschinensee we were ready for breakfast.  I think the view was worth the wait though.  Not very often that you get to have breakfast in surroundings like these:


On the way back to the cable car afterwards, we stopped off for a little tobogganing.


It was here that we discovered another benefit of getting up early.  When we arrived, they were just opening, and we were the only ones there.  We got two or three runs each in before anyone else turned up – and when others turned up, boy did they turn up.  Queuing for the last run took about as long as all of the other runs put together!

Back down the mountain we went, and then on a train and a bus to Adelboden.  No prizes for guessing where we wanted to visit there!

The thing about Our Chalet is that it’s up a big hill.  This was not popular with the Guides – although most enjoyed the view once they got there.

Our Chalet is an interesting place, if you are excited by Guiding history.  It has all sorts of knick-knacks lying around.  Honestly, though, most of the girls were more impressed by the Scout centre we visited earlier in the week.  Part of that was because they were tired, I think, and part because the volunteers who showed us around were so much more enthusiastic at KISC.

It’s a shame, really, because it’s an important part of our history and it was a large part of the point of going to Switzerland in the first place.  I left feeling mildly disappointed.

Back at our own chalet, we had some rest time and went to bed early, because we all needed it!

Our final day of activities was back in Adelboden – this time for a walk in the hills up to a woodcarver (get your own personalised woggle!), and then on to a hotel for a Swiss evening – fondue and alpine horns.


I think the hotel weren’t used to Guides who actually like fondue… they kept running out of bread and seemed surprised when we asked for more cheese.

We did get to have a go on the alpine horns though, which was fun!


Tired, but in good spirits, we said goodbye to our chalet the next morning and set off back to England.  One bus, seven trains, and only one delay later, we handed our Guides back to their parents and went home to sleep!


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