Switzerland Part 2: Water in Many Forms

On Tuesday we had to quickly rearrange our programme.  We were due to go tobogganing, but that doesn’t run in the rain, so Lightning did some fast talking and got our KISC tour moved to that morning so we could stay (mostly) dry.

The staff at KISC are very enthusiastic, and showed the Guides around in all sorts of places we weren’t expecting – like the laundry, where industrial sized washing machines run almost constantly to cope with the staff clothing, everyone’s bedding, and other such items.

They have neckers from visitors strung up around the walls.  We found one of ours!  (We’re not entirely positive, since nobody can remember putting it there, but it’s the right colour, so we’re claiming it!)

Version 2
Ours is the pink and blue one.

A particular highlight of the trip was the Staff Boards – each season they put together a board with pictures of the volunteers for that season.  They got very imaginative!


After our tour we did some badge work back at the chalet, before heading off in the afternoon to go swimming.

In an outdoor pool.

In the rain.

I wasn’t too keen, but the Guides were all adamant that they wanted to go, and there was a slide, so it wasn’t all bad.  The pool was (nominally) heated, too.

We had a wander around the local supermarket (the cheap chocolate was very tasty and appreciated by the Guides!), before making our way over to the bus stop to go home.

Our evening entertainments were provided by KISC – the KanderChallenge is a wide game that is run each week.  Everyone was put into random teams – one of our girls ended up with her and nine Italians who didn’t speak very good English, and she had a great time!  Each team had a map and had to find the bases and do the challenges.

This post’s title mentions water, and there was water in the KanderChallenge too.  While they were adding up our scores, they set the challenge of making a container for water out of paper, paper clips, and string, and then one of the team had to hold it over their head while water was poured into it.

Needless to say, many people got wet.

The Guides loved the experience of meeting all the international Scouts (there may have been a small amount of flirting…), and they were very hyper until very late at night.

Wednesday was also water-related.

We took the train to Spiez, then got on a boat to cross the lake to Interlaken.  Where we sent the Guides off in groups and the leaders snuck off to eat cake.


We reconvened for a chocolate show, where there were very many free samples of chocolate, and also information on how chocolate is made and a demonstration of making complex shapes with a mould.

Also, did I mention that there was chocolate?  It bears repeating.

After we got back to Kandersteg, we had a quick visit to the Scouts to flirt with the Italians some more (I’m sorry, I mean “badge swap”).  It was highly entertaining to watch.

Next Week: Switzerland Part 3: Up and Down the Mountains


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