Switzerland Part 1: Travelling by Train, Foot, and Snow.

Congratulations to all those who figured out where I was last week.

The photos were, of course, from Switzerland.  I was there with my Guides on their first international adventure.

We went by train, all the way from Bristol.  Seven trains in all, over 15 hours.  It was exhausting, but the Guides were reasonably good about not complaining.  Especially given that they had to carry all of their own baggage.  A couple of them are quite small, and their bags were almost as large as they were!

Still, we made it.  The most exciting train was of course the last one.  It actually had the name of our destination on it!


Kandersteg is the next valley over from Adelboden, where Our Chalet is located.  Kandersteg is also the location for the International Scout Centre (KISC), so we saw a lot of Scouts on our trip!

We arrived quite late, which meant we had to walk the length of the valley to get to our chalet (that is, the chalet we were staying in, not Our Chalet.  That joke got old very quickly).

On other occasions, we marvelled at the amazing bus/train experience in Switzerland.  Both the bus and the train from Kandersteg were once an hour, but they matched.  If you got the bus to the bahnhof (train station), you arrived six minutes before the train arrived.  If you arrived on the train, you walked from the platform to the waiting bus.

All transport runs on time.

Anyway, after settling in to our new home, we eagerly awaited the next day’s adventures.  It was a relaxing morning, which was definitely needed after the long journey.  We wandered down into town to look around, played a little mini golf, considered going to the scout museum but realised it was only open in the afternoons, and met a giant dog at a water fountain.

In the afternoon we went on a nice gentle hike.  Gentle by Swiss standards, that is.  It was interesting in places.  Like the bit with ropes to hold on to, or the bit where we weren’t allowed to stop moving because of the risk of rock falls.


The scenery is amazing.

That evening, one of our Guides ran the entertainment as a clause towards her Baden-Powell award.  Some sort of wide game based on WAGGGS, I believe, although I was “off duty” so I wasn’t really paying attention.

Monday was Jungfrau day.  It was very exciting to experience snow in July.  We even got to go Snow Tubing!

I would highly recommend Snow Tubing.  It’s exhilarating flying down a snowy valley, spinning around!

The Jungfrau was only a few miles from where we were staying, but it took a long time to get there because of having to go around the mountains.  By the time we got back, there wasn’t much time to do anything else other than eat, wash up, and chill out.

Everyone agreed that the snow tubing was worth the trip, though!

Next week: Switzerland Part 2: Water in Many Forms.


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