One of my Brownie units finished last week, and we used the time slot for the parents meeting for summer camp.

Parents meetings are important, if only to impress on the parents that we do have a reason for writing the kit list, and it’s not just for our own fun!

The other Brownie unit and my Guides were all suffering from end-of-term-itis.

It’s a good job that I hadn’t planned anything more complex than games for the Brownies, because the amount of whining that was going on just choosing which games to play was incredible.

The Guides got to make slime, before we went to the park and just played.


I really do not understand the slime craze, but they had been asking for it all term and I had been telling them that I would arrange it if they were patient.

We put glitter in it.  Because why not.

So when I asked them what things we’d done this term that they enjoyed, they said slime.

And what didn’t they enjoy?  “All of the things that weren’t slime.”

And what do you want to do next term?  I’ll give you one guess!


One thought on “End-of-term-itis

  1. My Guides have just asked to make slime too! Well, actually they asked if they could turn some leftover damper mix into slime…but it’s made me think about a slime-based night next term. What charming children they are 😀

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