Crazy Climb!

On Friday we had a joint Brownie and Guide session at a climbing centre.  But not any old climbing – no, this was Crazy Climbing!

Those cogs on the back wall rotate.

It was an excellent trip.  Very easy to organise, since the centre provided all the instructors.  The Brownies and Guides had a whale of a time.

And even some Leaders faced their fears.


Those pillars are very tall.  It’s not so bad until the last one, because there’s always something higher to hold on to.  But that last pillar, that’s pretty scary.

Plus you then have to leap off into nothing and trust your harness to catch you.

I think my favourite wall was this one though:


The one in the background had different settings, including one where the hand holds just disappeared out from under you on a random schedule.  It focuses the mind.


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