Testing, testing…

We’ve been testing new resources this week.

I signed us up a while back to try out some new activities for Girlguiding, and we’ve been given our first ones to try. They’re all about making changes in the world.

The Brownies loved theirs. It was about being an environmental detective to find out what needs changing near where they live.

First we had to think of things that would harm and help the environment, and then we went for a walk to hunt for them.  I ran this with both my units, and it definitely worked better in Unit 1, because we had more leaders so we could split up and look in different places.

Unit 2 is running with just me and some parents at the moment (all my other leaders graduated and left me, how dare they!), so we had to stay all together on our walk, which was a little unwieldy.

The Guides were not so keen on their activity.  It was pitched a little too high for them, and they found the instructions confusing.  I think it would probably have gone down better with Senior Section – perhaps 16-17 year olds, rather than the 12-13 year olds that I have at the moment.

They were supposed to be breaking a secret code by figuring out what order campaign steps needed to be in to make a campaign work well.  They all put the steps in a reasonable order, but the code-breaking part was so unpopular that they rebelled and refused to do any more.

They were fine with giving feedback on the activity though – I think me pointing out that if they explained why they hated it then they would get fewer bad activities in the future helped with that.

Afterwards, some of them went to the park, and some of them made “interesting” bread with ingredients we found in the cupboard left over from a few weeks ago – flour and yeast, but also chocolate sprinkles, hundreds and thousands, ginger, and vanilla essence.  Not all at the same time, but some of their creations were… less than ideal.

Have you ever tested any new national resources?  What did your young members think of them?


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