Exploding and burning

This week we have been making things.

Volcanoes – vinegar and baking soda for the explosion, with the base made out of air-dry clay.

It was hot, so we went outside – which had the added benefit of the inevitable spillage of vinegar not causing the hall to smell.

We ran out of time for making them actually explode (by putting the lids on the pots), but I sent them home with the knowledge of how to do it… and warnings to the parents to supervise in case they stand too close to the explosion!

I’ve also had a hand in making playdoh from scratch.  It’s surprisingly easy to do, although one of the steps calls for boiling water, so some supervision is required!

We used this recipe.  Each bowl had one lot of the recipe in (2 cups / 250g flour, etc.), and made enough for three or four Brownies to have a reasonable amount each.

Lastly, I had a very quiet Guide meeting – only four girls.  I was expecting that, so I had planned things which require supervision.  Like burning things.

It was lovely, and very relaxing having four girls and two leaders – that’s a ratio I could get used to!


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