Campfires and Dogs

This week has involved two exciting Brownie events.

Unit 1 had an evening at a local campsite that we use a lot.  We played parachute games and made s’mores on our campfire.

Version 2

Around the campfire we discussed how we could make s’mores more exciting (as if they needed to be!), and I think we’ll be trying a few of the suggestions on summer camp!

At unit 2, we had a special guest.

Snow Leopard, our Guide helper, trains Guide dogs.  Technically, it’s her mum that does it, but that’s close enough.  Their current pupil is 6 months old, and she came in to visit us.

Version 2

The Brownies were really well behaved – I think the warning that if they scared the dog we would take her away did its job!

It was interesting learning about all the things that the Guide dogs need to know how to do.  Obviously the sit/stay/come etc that normal dogs do, but some with little additions – like when you come, you have to touch the owner’s hand with your nose so they know you’ve got there.  They also need to learn to walk on the left of the owner, and not race ahead, and pause at the bottom of a flight of stairs.

The Brownies want to raise some money for the Guide Dogs now, a suggestion which they came up with on their own.  It’s nice when they show initiative!


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