Half Term Holidays

It’s been the half term holidays this week.  You would think that would mean that I’ve had a break from Guiding, wouldn’t you?

Sort of.

I’ve not had any unit meetings – no children.  But I’ve not been idle.

Lightning and I went to visit the site we’re staying on for Brownie summer camp.  We’re taking the Guides to Switzerland, so we decided to take the easiest possible option for the Brownies.  We’re staying in a tented village, on a Scout site that has all the daytime activities provided.

No putting up tents, or taking them down.  It’s already done.

No huge quantities of equipment which we need to carry to the site.  It comes with most things provided.

Very little programme related organisation.  We’re doing abseiling, archery, Jacob’s ladder and the like.  All we need to do is figure out the evenings.

The only hard part is going to be the food, which we do have to buy and cook ourselves.  But even that is easier than it could be, because the tented village has a kitchen tent.  With gas hobs and electricity to run the fridge, freezer, and microwave.

I can’t quite get my head around the microwave.  On camp.

Seriously, what is this?  We might have to rename it “summer glamping”.

After the site visit, we had a meeting about the food for our Swiss trip, which was only partly taken over by chatting and catching up with the gossip.

What are you doing for the summer holidays?  Have you started planning yet?


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