Fun with food

I have had a food-based Guiding week this week.

The Adventure group (7 year old Brownies) in one unit chose to celebrate Rosh Hashanah by making honey cake and sharing it with the rest of the unit. It came out a bit flat, but it tasted fine, and nobody seemed bothered by the shape.

My other Brownies were a little thin on the ground, as it was the last Friday before half term (and an inset day at one of the schools, too). That didn’t stop us making some excellent peppermint creams, and planning the Rainbow themed party food for the guests we have invited to visit us after the holiday.

We’re having, among other things, Rainbow Salad – tomatoes, carrot, yellow pepper, lettuce, blueberries, and beetroot. Assuming that none of the Rainbow guests are allergic to any of those things, of course!

The Guides were also mostly other places, but five was enough to send four to the shop to get the ingredients for our science experiment while the other one talked to the leaders about starting the Baden Powell Award.

Exciting times.

The science experiment was a dismal failure. We were attempting to make ice cream, and comparing how it worked with cow’s milk and soya milk. However, instead of ice cream we ended up with delicious milkshakes and a lot of mess.

It was fun trying, though.



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