Pizza Based Evening

On Friday I got to experience two different ways of making pizza.  My Brownies and Guides are both doing a lot of cooking this term, and Friday was designated Pizza Day.

The Brownies made pitta pizza – use a pitta bread as the base, pile high with toppings, and cook.  Simple, yet effective, and allows for a lot of creativity on arranging the toppings.

The Guides, on the other hand, were given some flour, yeast and water, and told to get on with it.

Ok, so they may have been given a little instruction too.  But only a little, because I don’t really know anything about making pizza bases from scratch.

It turns out that bread dough has the same consistency as slime, so they quite enjoyed the kneading part.  And they did amazingly well.  I’ve had worse pizzas from proper restaurants.



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