The glamorous side of being a Leader

Being a leader in Girlguiding isn’t all trips and holidays, despite what my blog has said over the past few weeks.

I’ve been using the Easter holidays to catch up on a few things.

Like accounts, and tidying the cupboard.

I love our cupboard space. Compared to what some units have, it’s positively enormous. On the other hand, that does lead to us becoming slightly less disciplined about what we keep.

Plus, with four units sharing the space, there are always those items that you don’t know whether you’re allowed to throw away or not. And there’s never enough time in unit meetings to deal with the problem fully.

Hence, tidying.

Over the years we’ve had occasional tidying parties, which can be quite entertaining, with the right mindset. Difficult not to get distracted by the interesting finds at the bottom of the piles though.

Sometimes we make an evening of it and get the Brownies to help.

Does anyone else have a box like this one?

On this occasion, though, I went by myself, with a specific focus.  When we got back from our indoor holiday a couple of weeks ago, we just kind of dumped a whole lot of things.  My aim was to put them away properly, and to make a list of the food that we’d had left over that would still be in date for summer camp.

I only got a little bit distracted.

I actually find tidying quite calming.  There’s just something wonderful about looking at a room where everything is in its place, and knowing that you did that.  And knowing that you had time to do that, without having to spend less time with the Brownies.

I had to go back a few days later and do a little more.

On that occasion, I was sorting paperwork.  There’s a box of things like old accounts, which is supposed to get looked at each year – you put the most recent set in, and take out the oldest one and throw it away.  There shouldn’t ever be accounts in there more than 7 years old.

Yeah, so that doesn’t happen.

The oldest set of accounts I found was from 2004, so it wasn’t too bad…

On the other hand, I did find some treasure.  What it was doing in the accounts box, I’m not sure, but that’s our filing system for you.

In the Brownie Traditions badge, there’s a clause about what Brownies will be like in ten years time.  I found some posters that the girls had made around 2005 (ish, I think, based on the names on some of them, because of course none of them were dated).

It’s been twelve years.  Let’s have a look, shall we?  How close were their predictions?

Uniform: yellow top, brown skirt, yellow jacket.  Pretty close.

Brownie huts: will still have windows and doors.  They got that right!

Every time you come you get a balloon.  Not there yet, but could be do-able if they really wanted.  Not sure about the environmental impact.

Private jet.  I’m still waiting for this one!

Uniform: that dress is pretty swish, actually, and I like the inclusion of the “pretty hair thingy”.  Pretty sure you can actually get Brownie hair “thingy”s from the shop.

Loads of badges: definitely.  Really easily: not so much.  They’re supposed to be a challenge!

Again with the private jet, but this time also a limousine? Got some ambitions these girls!

Robot leaders.  Which they will be promising to serve.  I’m intrigued by the fact that the robots will have “slime breakers”.  Has this Brownie predicted the current slime craze?

I’m also entertained that when I did the same exercise in 2013, robots also came up – but this time as buddies rather than leaders.

I’m still waiting!

That Brownie badge looks like balloons to me.  Do you think they were predicting the Guide Party Planner badge?

Lastly, I will leave you with news that it seems we’re overdue for a change in name, and we all get to retire soon!


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