Brownie Holiday at Easter

The three Brownie units in my area often go on holiday together, and this Easter was no exception.

We had an indoor holiday – on an Easter theme, of course.  Mostly we were working on the Spring “Rik Bear” challenge.  Aren’t they cute?

The 24 Brownies we took all had a wonderful time, and considering the number who were on their first night away with Girlguiding, there was surprisingly little homesickness.

We tried to make lambs out of pom-poms, but I don’t think any of the girls managed to finish that one.  More interested in running around outside in the glorious sunshine!

I particularly enjoyed the egg challenge.  Each child was given a (hard boiled!) egg, and had to look after it for the weekend.  We made baskets to carry them around in, but not many survived!

A few of them were kidnapped for ransom when they were left unattended, some were cracked, and some simply gave up and fell in two.

The egg challenge.

We also made cress heads, planted bulbs, made easter bonnets, had an egg hunt around the extensive grounds, and spent a lot of time on the adventure play area.

Not to mention Brownies’ Got Talent!

Some of them actually do have talent, it turns out.  And they worked very well together to get their performances ready.

Although I did have to persuade one group into a compromise when they couldn’t agree on what to do.  One wanted to dance, two wanted to do kung fu, and one didn’t really want to do anything.  In the end, they ended up doing a play in which a dancer was kidnapped by an evil kung fu master and then rescued by a good kung fu master.  Narrated, of course, by the fourth member of the group.

On the Sunday, we decorated Cadbury’s creme eggs to make them into animals.  One of the girls is allergic to milk chocolate, and watching her face as we set that one up was very entertaining.  The disappointment when she saw the eggs, followed by the blinding smile when she was presented with a white chocolate egg all of her very own.

It turns out she’d never had a chocolate egg before and she didn’t know you could get white ones!  At the end of the holiday she dragged her mum over and demanded that we tell her where to buy them!  (Poundland, in case you’re wondering, £1 for 8.)

Decorated Eggs

All in all, a very successful holiday.

What are your holiday plans with your units?


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