A Pampering Fundraiser

As I may have mentioned, we’re fundraising at the moment for a trip to Switzerland.

We’ve done all sorts over the past year – a Cheese and Wine evening, a Pop-Up Restaurant, a Christmas Bazaar, and numerous cake sales and things running on the sides of other events.

Last Wednesday was the latest in our string of big events – a Pamper and Wellbeing evening.

I wasn’t really involved in organising this one – I didn’t even have to provide floats, which was a nice change.  I did count the money afterwards, but I quite enjoy counting money.  I find it soothingly simple.

Other than that, I just turned up and did as I was told.  It felt quite odd, actually.

The event itself was excellent.  We had lots of local businesses – everything from massage, to make up, to chiropractors – who ran stalls.  The offerings varied.  Some were selling things, some were selling experiences, and some were offering free samples to try and attract long term customers.

I had a Hawaiian massage, mostly out of curiosity about what was different about it to any other kind of massage.  It turns out to be very holistic, very smooth and flowing.  It was exceptionally relaxing.

Other than that, there was also a cake stall, free prosecco, and a raffle.  Some of the raffle prizes were excellent; I was hoping to win the sports massage, but alas I won nothing.

This was before all of the cake had arrived, but it’s still an impressive spread!

All in all, it was a very successful evening.  Everyone had a great time, and we made a reasonable dent in our fundraising requirement.  I’d thoroughly recommend this kind of event to anyone!

What’s your most successful fundraising experience?  You can count success as either financial or fun.


2 thoughts on “A Pampering Fundraiser

    1. The businesses all paid a fee to have a stall, but got to keep the profit from anything they sold. Some of them were just touting for new business – like the chiropractors, who were giving free back checks in the hopes of getting new clients.

      The guests paid an entry fee too, and paid for anything they got off the stalls. We sold cake, and some of the Guides were giving hand massages (for a small fee of course!).

      And of course there was a raffle – all the prizes were donated by the businesses.

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