Be Prepared!

Today I spent most of the day in a field.

I know, highly unusual for a Guide leader, right?  But I don’t normally have to survive in the aftermath of an earthquake!

I took some of my Guides to “Be Prepared“, a resilience event.  It’s run every year, although this is the first one I’ve been to.  I was pretty impressed with how smoothly everything was organised.

The set up is that there has been an earthquake, and lots of damage and so on.  The Guides are split into families, and have to work together to survive and help people they meet along the way.

First they had to choose which items to save from the wreckage of their house – most of them chose wisely, taking blankets, string, passports, and water bottles.

Then they set off around the bases on the field.  They had to do first aid, assess casualties, build shelters, mend water pipes, put out fires, and build rafts, among other things.


The rafts were a little small to ride on, but that’s ok, because the “river” was a paddling pool.

The fires that needed to be put out were actual proper fires, but they weren’t (as the leader running it tried to claim) in a puppy sanctuary.  More of a metal can / small altar fire.  The Guides had to build a catapult to fire water balloons at it.

The shelter building was entertaining.  They had to pretend they’d lost the use of one arm each, and work together to put up a tent.  In a minefield.  Without being blown up.

The girls I took went home raving about how much fun they’d had, so I’m hoping to take a larger contingent next year as they persuade their friends to give it a go!



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