A Puzzle in a Wood

Or, more accurately, a Puzzlewood. 

Yesterday I went with my husband and mother-in-law to Puzzlewood in the Forest of Dean. 

Dave described it as “looks like the complex nobbly bits from Merlin, probably because it is the complex nobbly bits from Merlin.”

It would make a fun day out for Brownies and Guides too. 

Brownies would enjoy hunting for the magic door, dinosaur footprints, and the secret cave (among other things).

Guides would enjoy the fact that there are no maps available. If you get lost, then you get lost. A good challenge there!

(Leaders should note that it’s quite easy to pretend you’re lost, but actually quite hard to get completely lost if you have even a basic sense of direction.)

Both age groups would enjoy the small selection of animals and the indoor maze. It’s got tunnels and bridges and all sorts of secret doors. 



One thought on “A Puzzle in a Wood

  1. How about a day out in the Spring?

    Enjoy Japan!

    With warm regards Sandu Hellings Sent from my iPhone – with apologies for brevity

    Tel 07768 866 158


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