Special Design

Yesterday at Brownies we tried out “Special Design”, the activity on page 49 of the Brownie Adventure. 

Essentially, the activity involves sticking string to a piece of card and using it as a stamp to create a repeating pattern. 

You’re supposed to use it as wrapping paper to give a gift, which is why it’s in the “Community” section. We found that unless you were happy with your gift being slightly damp and painty, it wasn’t a great plan!

We had a lot of fun, and I even took the opportunity to tidy the paint box and throw out some of the junk that had accumulated. 

Things to remember when doing this again:

  • Big thick string. Not thin string. 
  • Thick card. 
  • Glue that works. 
  • If you use your stamp in the traditional stampy way you end up with a splodge, because they get paint on the backing cardboard. Instead, use a paintbrush to load up the string directly. Also that means you can use multiple colours on one stamp, which is pretty. 

Not a quick five minute activity, but well worth doing.


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