Adventures, Chocolates, and Smoothies

This week’s Brownies saw us divided into Adventure groups for most of the evening.

I was with the Adventure group, some of the youngest girls. We picked out some activities to do this term, and then we started doing one – Special Design, from page 49 of the Brownie Adventure book. We didn’t really get very far, but we’ve got a lot of half-finished bits to finish off next time!

At the end of the meeting we all came back together to play the chocolate game – a perennial favourite!


The Guides are on their second week of Go For It! activities. One group went down the road to the co-op to look at the prices of things, one group were making smoothies, there was something going on in the kitchen that I didn’t investigate too closely, and one group were attempting to make ice-cream.

It did not go well.

I’m not sure what they did, but let’s just say it’s a very good job that our hall doesn’t have a carpet.


The smoothie, on the other hand, was very tasty.


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