Snowball fights and unit charters

Our first Brownie meeting of term was quite fun.

We did a little planning – the girls gave us some suggestions for activities, and they want to do the Toymaker badge this term. That should be interesting.

One of their suggestions was a snowball fight, so we did that right then and there.

The Brownies love snowball fights. We do it with newspaper and cotton wool balls. The hall is divided into four, and each team has to try and keep their area clear of “snow” by throwing it at the other teams. It will go on for basically as long as you want it to!


My other Brownies began with a game of “squashed Brownie”. Everyone sits in a circle on a chair. Then you just follow the instructions – for example, “if you have a brother, move one chair to the left”, or “if you’re wearing a necker, move three chairs to the right”.

If someone’s in that seat, just sit on them!

If you’re being sat on, you can’t move. You need to keep an eye on the size of the piles, and it’s best if you can keep track of who has been sat on for ages so you can twist the game in their favour for a while, but it causes an insane amount of giggling. And it’s good for getting to know people too.

Those Brownies also chose an interest badge. They’ve chosen to do First Aid, which is lovely. I like it when they choose something useful like that! I wonder if it’s possible to arrange visits to or by ambulance crews?

The Guides got going with some Go For It! planning, and we had a few badges to sign off that were done over the holidays.

We also started on revising the unit charter to make sure everyone still agreed, but got bogged down in a debate about whether “always be positive” was a fair request – what if you have a really good reason for being grumpy? Plus, some of them objected to the word “positive”.

What’s in your unit charter? Share your best ones in the comments!


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