Summer Term at Guides

The Guides, as we always do, started the term with four weeks of running Go For It! badges in their patrols.

One group did Life Wise, which had them cooking a meal – they had spag bol, and they were kind enough to let the leaders try some too.

They also went to the park to adapt one of the activities. They didn’t have any small children to look after, so they took turns pretending to be irresponsible children. The “responsible” half were in charge of looking after the others and making sure they didn’t do anything dangerous.

We also had Experiment, Blast from the Past, and Teamwork going on, though I have to admit I don’t recall any of the activities they did.

We had an evening out at the campsite – I mentioned this in the Brownie post.  However, where the Brownies made s’mores, the Guides had a choice of more complex cooking things.

One group built a fire, filled oranges with cake mix, wrapped them in foil and then waited impatiently for them to cook.


It may have gone faster if their fire hadn’t looked like this:


We may have to work on that while we’re on camp!

Still, we all had fun, and the chocolate orange cakes were very tasty, if a little damp in the middle still.

In the second half of the term we were working on the Shaun in the City challenge badge.  The girls chose to make paper airplanes (because Concorde is from Bristol and Shaun is in Bristol, so it’s relevant, right?), make Shaun out of mini marshmallows, make famous landmarks out of recycled materials, and have a sheep shaving competition.


Sheep shearing, by the way, is done with a balloon and some shaving foam, and a lolly stick.  Very messy, but hilarious done as a race.

Towards the end of the term we had our first Baden-Powell Award presentations since we took over the unit, which was very exciting.


When we took over, we had a group of older girls, and a gap, and then lots of younger girls. The older ones have been working very hard on their BP Awards, and this was the first couple to achieve it.

They’ve really risen to the challenge, and both of them have decided to move on to being Young Leaders with a Rainbow unit.

Well done to them!

As one group finish the BP, the first of the younger group have just started working on it.  We took full advantage of the summer sun a few weeks later to go to the park, and the new BP group ran some sports-day type games for everyone else.


Most excellent fun, and very relaxing for the leaders, because all we had to do was keep an eye on the time.

Our final “proper” evening of the term was a trip – we went climbing.  The girls were split into two groups (based on “those who turned up on time” and “those who were late”), and while one group climbed the other group planned next term.


I said proper because there was one more event – but this one was only for the older girls.  We had one more Baden-Powell presentation (well done!), and an evening out at a campsite with the Senior Section.

It was good to get the girls meeting the section they could move to. The Seniors were also presenting things to their girls – like a Chief Guide’s Challenge, and an Adult Leadership Qualification. Good for the Guides to know that there are important things for them to be working on after they leave Guides. I think we should do this more often!

Also, there were giant s’mores.



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