Summer Term at Brownies – Version 2

My other Brownies also had a lot of fun in the Summer term.

In the first half of the term we did a number of random things, including making igloos out of marshmallows (many of which lacked a roof, but who cares about that?).

There was a minor earthquake just before this picture was taken.
There was a minor earthquake just before this picture was taken.

We also made edible campfires.


We had a lovely evening out at our local campsite. There is a lot of overlap between the leaders of the Rainbows, Brownies, and Guides, so instead of rushing backwards and forwards between our normal hall and the field, it made much more sense to just have everyone there.

We had them one section at a time, not overlapping, but over the course of the evening there were about 70 girls there. Very efficient use of a campfire!


The Brownies enjoyed making s’mores (let’s face it, who doesn’t?), singing round the campfire and playing parachute games. There was also a reasonable amount of running around like a lunatic.


Side note: I recently read a post about a s’mores making competition.  I’m intrigued, and I’ve asked for more detail!

In the second half of the term we did the Science Investigator badge.

Among other things, we made compasses from needles, magnets and bowl of water.  That had variable success, but all of them were pointing in mostly the right direction.

We also blew things up.  We took some old film canisters and filled them with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar, and then put the lid on.

Balance it on it’s lid in the middle of an easy-to-clean space. Wait a little, stand well back, and soon the pressure builds up and the whole thing pops off.  We managed to hit the ceiling with some of them!

I decided that there wasn’t enough investigation in the science investigator badge, so I made the Brownies run that activity as an experiment. I told them that I knew you had to add these two things, but I didn’t know what proportions would work best.

Each group came up with several different recipes, and then we tried them out.

In case you’re interested, about 3/4 teaspoon of bicarb and 2 teaspoons of vinegar seemed to work pretty well. (Although, to be fair, it may have been slightly less than that because some of it went on the floor). And if you give it a little shake after you’ve put the lid on so the ingredients are good and mixed, that also helps.

The grand finale of the badge was our visitor. Unfortunately I had to go away on a work trip, so I missed it, but I’m told it was really good.

One of the Brownie’s parents works on the Bloodhound project, and he does science things for schools. He came in and told them about it, and they all made balloon rocket cars. I’m sad I missed it!


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