Summer term at Brownies – Version 1

The summer term at Brownies we did a right old mixture of things.

I asked the girls to choose a badge, and they failed utterly to pick just one.  They couldn’t choose between two, and there was a lone hold-out vote for a third, so we decided to try for all of them.

So, last term we were working on the Agility badge, and the Royal Baby Challenge Badge, and we tried for Environment too.

I’m quite entertained by the Agility badge.  The girls kept telling me I was doing it wrong – because some of them have very old badge books, and some of them have quite new ones, and none of them seem to have the same syllabus as the one on the internet!

Mind you, I told them they were doing it wrong, too, so I suppose it evens out.  None of them can do a press-up to save their lives!

Skipping and throwing balls at walls seemed surprisingly popular, though.

For the Royal Baby badge, we made some name plates for nursery doors out of recycled materials, wrote a lullaby, and designed a baby-friendly restaurant.

China for the adult, plastic for the child. Well thought out!

The baby restaurants were so much fun that we were quarter of an hour late in finishing that evening.  It’s a good job nobody uses the room after us!

One group decided to do a “Dragons Den” style presentation of their restaurant.  They even made the Leaders be the judges.  They wanted to put in an automatic nappy-changing machine, and have all the waiters dressed like giant teddy bears.

Other popular ideas included a (supervised) ball pit so the parents could have “boring adult conversations without boring the children”, “yummy” food, and separate adult and child menus.

We also wrote letters to the new princess – and she wrote back!  Or, more accurately, someone wrote back on her behalf.  After all, she’s pretty small still.  They even included a separate note for each Brownie – I’m so impressed!

I was sneaking the environment in by stealth. We learnt about recycling facilities while cleaning up after using recyclable materials for craft. We talked about pesticides while discussing what kind of food the baby restaurants should have. We didn’t manage the whole syllabus by the end of term, but we gave it a good shot.  The one or two that actually wanted it can finish it at home, or perhaps I’ll try to fit a little more of it in the autumn term.

Our final baby challenge was to make up a game that younger children might enjoy playing. We tested a couple of them out by inviting some Rainbows to join us for the evening. It was sunny, too, so we had the whole meeting outside. Good times!

And for added bonus, they had just put out the Shaun the Sheep statue in the park, so we all got to have a look at it.



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