Pamper Camp

Last year, on our May camp, we asked the Brownies what theme they would like for this year.  They opted for “Pamper and Relaxation”.  I think they were hoping for a longer rest hour and more relaxed pace!

What they actually got was crafts themed around pampering, for example making body scrub and face masks.


And the Healthy Heart badge, which clearly is all relaxing, with all the running around and so on…

We also went grass sledging and tunnelling, which we chose to classify as “relaxation” because they didn’t involve much in the way of preparation for the leaders!

Don't go into the light!
Don’t go into the light!

One day, we went on a public bus to the nearest town to walk a town trail.  It was really well done – Brown Owl had found it on the internet somewhere, and it had the girls following clues to move around.  I think my favourite was “look for the flying hedgehog”.

Each clue got them a word, and at the end there was a little puzzle to do, in order to get the four digit code which would stop the evil maniac from blowing up the museum!

Other fun things on the camp were the ducks, which helped us tidy up and deal with any waste food.

Nom nom nom nom nom
Nom nom nom nom nom

Also, rolling down hills and building towers out of yoghurt pots at lunch time.

Version 2

Another year of successful camping, and another year of having fun and building friendships with other Brownie units.

I like our May camps, because they always involve at least three different Brownie units.  The leaders are all friends, but we now do Guiding in very different areas – everything from the posh children whose parents throw money at any problems and assume they will go away, to the dock-workers children who have third- or fourth-hand uniform, and everything in between.

I think it’s good for the girls to meet people from other areas, and realise that they all have Brownies in common.

On this occasion we even went one step further.  The campsite has a pack holiday house, too, and the Brownies staying there joined us for our campfire.

They brought popcorn, which of course means they were instantly popular, and they taught us some new songs, which always goes down well.

I love camping.


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