Spring Term at Brownies – Part 2

My other Brownies were also doing activities from the Adventure book and the craft badge.

Considering that they were working on the same badges, the two units were doing very different things.  That’s what happens when you let the girls choose the activities!

For crafts we did glass painting, fabric decorating, and using collages to design your ideal bedroom.


We also had an evening of “lets pull all of the half-finished crafts and spare activity packs out of the cupboard and see how many we can get rid of”.  Always entertaining for the sheer volume of random stuff you find, but slightly stressful when there’s only one of something and everyone wants to do it.


For Adventure activities, we did all sorts of things.

I took the easy route in the spring term, because I was trying to concentrate on studying for my last exam, so I had the Becoming a Brownie group.  I’ve done that enough times that there’s no planning or preparation involved.  Pick a Promise activity from the cupboard and run it.  Tell the Brownie Story (hands up if you know it off by heart?).

I did take a few minutes to see what the others were doing.  One group made gingerbread (although without the stress that my other unit had!).

One group did the “global grub” activity.  We’re quite lucky that we have a shop very close to the meeting place, so that group went out to see what food they were selling from other countries.  Then they came back and made croissant sandwiches for everyone, among other things.

We also did this, which seemed to involve thinking a lot, but I can’t for the life of me remember exactly what the activity was.

Thinking Very Hard
Thinking Very Hard

Later in the term when it started to get warmer, we also went on a bit of a safari around the local area.  We were looking for a Zebra, Fish, Giraffe, Squid, and an invisible Christmas Tree, among other things.

Yes, all of those things were possible in our local area.  And we didn’t even need to go near the zoo.

Some of the girls weren’t impressed by my bad puns though.  They groaned when they found the zebra (crossing) and the fish (and chip shop).

For those who are curious, the giraffe was a statue, the squid was the name of a local restaurant, and the invisible Christmas tree was the park where the tree was during the winter.


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