Spring Term at Brownies – Part 1

My Brownies had lots of fun in the Spring Term.

We’ve been doing a number of activities from the Adventure book, as chosen by the girls themselves.

We made gingerbread, which was a whole adventure in itself.  One of my Brownies is horribly allergic to eggs and dairy, and both Brownie and Mum are understandably nervous about things involving food.

I got around this problem by getting mum to come in and help that evening.


She even provided the ingredients and equipment so there was absolutely no chance of cross-contamination.  And, as a bonus, she turned out to be very good at dealing with large numbers of children.  I wonder if I can recruit her…

The Adventure group did the “I am unique” activity, which had them playing detective to match up fingerprints and find out who did the crime, and made rubbings of tree bark to make into pictures.

The Adventure On group made a feeling wheel and learnt some sign language.  We didn’t get quite far enough that they were silent for the rest of the evening though!

And the More Adventures group learnt about fire safety while using a flint and steel to set fire to cotton wool balls, which we then used to make tiny little s’mores with mini marshmallows and animal biscuits.


They also tried to make beads, but that didn’t go very well, because they didn’t squeeze enough water out and they just would not dry!

We’ve also done lots of crafty things – we did the Craft badge.  The girls enjoyed marbling the most, I think, although we also decorated pots and then planted things in them, made Easter eggs and Easter gardens, and made thank you cards for a leader who was leaving us.



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