Bowling with Guides

Our Division has a regular Guide bowling competition.  This year was the first year I’ve attended one.

We’ve got eight Guide units, and each one brought two or three teams, so you can imagine we pretty much packed the place out!

IMG_6963Unfortunately our teams had a problem with the lane computer, so we were a little late getting started.  It meant a bit of a rush towards the end, because we were late for the prize-giving.

But despite that, we all had fun.

I got to see one of my old Brownies, who had moved on to a different Guide unit, and she spent some time visiting with her friends.

I’m reasonably certain she told her Guide leader where she was going before she left… at least there was nobody running around saying “I’ve lost a Guide, do you have any extras?”.

We did some Promises too – several on the lane, but one decided she wanted to do it inside one of the pod-like arcade racing games.

I think the tradition of getting Guides to make their Promise at a special event is a good one.  Not only does it ensure that the Guide will remember it, but it also means that Guide units have to go on lots of trips, just to make sure there are enough opportunities!

That can never be a bad thing, right?


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