The Tooth Fairy Comes to Camp

Many a time, a Brownie has come to me on a Brownie Holiday, tooth in hand. The first question they ask, usually, is “will the Tooth Fairy know where to come?”.

I don’t know about you, but the Tooth Fairy has variable luck on our holidays. It depends a lot on how well the children sleep and how much cash there is in the leader’s purses!

I’ve always thought, as well, that the Tooth Fairy shouldn’t bring money to Brownie Holidays. The going rate varies between families, and it’s hard to be fair. Plus, money isn’t that exciting. Not compared to a Brownie Holiday.

Well, some friends and I came up with a plan.

Tooth Fairy Final Artwork

This snazzy badge is now available to pre-order. We estimate that they will be available by the end of August 2015, but we’re taking orders now, to be dispatched as soon as they arrive.

All the money we raise will be used for the benefit of girls and units in our area who are in financial need.

All the details can be found here – Tooth Fairy Badge.


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