Guide Holiday Badge Work

Our Brownie holiday was not the end of the fun at February half term.

Now that there is a very large overlap between the Brownie leaders and the Guide leaders, we’re doing a lot of things almost-together.

So, about three hours after the Brownies left, the Guides arrived. Same location, different girls. The fresh, Guide-only leaders took the lead for the first day while the Brownie leaders took a slightly more back-seat approach. Which was a good thing!

The Guides were also doing a World Guiding theme, and we did a number of very similar activities – world badge beetle drive, for example, appeared in both holidays.

If you squint, it looks like a world badge.  Bigger biscuit would have helped!
If you squint, it looks like a world badge. Bigger biscuit would have helped!

But Guides being Guides, large parts of the holiday were self-directed.

The Baden-Powell girls helped a lot. They were in the kitchen doing the Cooks badge, and they ran a whole afternoon of co-operative games, during which the leaders did very little.

The Guides also got a bit badge-happy. There was wifi at the hall, so I set up my computer with a Guide user account (child safety features on, Facebook off!) and that proved to be a very popular move.  Every time I turned around there was a Guide or group of Guides sitting there looking up a badge syllabus or doing research for a badge.

And that’s on top of the badges we had already planned into the program – Agility, Holiday, Team Player, and World Guiding.

IMG_6811Our final total was 64 interest badges presented, for thirteen Guides on the holiday!  Plus Nights Away badges, and a couple of Promise badges.

It wasn’t all hard work, of course. We made dampers. No matches needed – flint and steel is where it’s at. Although the fire was a little lack-lustre due to all the rain…

Oh, and lets not forget the pillow fight!  Mature young ladies indeed.

All in all, lots of fun was had by everyone.  I leave you with two final thoughts.

First, what would you do if you saw this?


I looked, clearly.  I have no self control.

And secondly, in case you were wondering, this is why we lock our medicine boxes.



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