Brownie Circus

In February half term, we took the Brownies on holiday.

It being around Thinking Day, we did World Guiding badge, but we also did the Circus Performer badge.

IMG_6876We made clown faces, and juggling balls, and a lovely man came in to teach us how to do hula-hooping and ribbon dancing.

IMG_6899The girls put on some wonderful clown shows. They were a little worried at first, because they weren’t very good at juggling, but once they remembered that clowns very often pretend to be bad at things, they realised it didn’t matter.

We even had our first outdoor picnic of the year, although I think we all regretted it by the end of the meal.  Just a little bit too cold, despite the sun.

Not all our meals were “normal” child-friendly fare.  Because we were doing World Guiding, we did have a few international meals thrown into the mix, including this proper Indian curry.

IMG_6926Mild, but very tasty.


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